[Video] WTF! Bobby Valentino allegedly CAUGHT Leaving Transgender Escort Apartment!

R&B Singer Bobby Valentino was allegedly CAUGHT leaving a transgender escort’s apartment in Atlanta and refused to pay for the services he received.

The escort was not playing about her money  and decided to film Bobby Valentino running from the apartment.

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Now Read Bobby Valentino’s response to him leaving Transgender Escort’s apartment.

*UpDate* Now WATCH! Bobby Valentino RESPOND AGAIN to Being Caught Allegedly Pants Down with Transgender Escort!


3 Comments on “[Video] WTF! Bobby Valentino allegedly CAUGHT Leaving Transgender Escort Apartment!”

  1. Ain’t nobody just goin make this up!!!! Nigga be a Man&pay dat Man for his services..foh

    1. U so rite sis the whole dam industry is set up 4 faggot tranformers & Deceptcons ass niggas tht will do anything 2 gain fame . So keep up the good work sis I SALUTE YOU RESPECT !!!! SHALOM !!!

  2. discription“And once it’s reached that point,
    I’m left as alone as I’ve always known is the safest I could ever be.
    Except that I have the worst pain I’ve ever felt, and I feel it all. It’s all of mine to feel. The only thing I’m sure is absolutely real. It keeps me company. The same way it would be trapped somewhere with someone that you hate. Wishing they weren’t there, but needing them to be there. This is where the old survival skills start coming back, not quite as at my command as they used to be. They tell me to keep my right amount of distance, the only real way to be strong. But then I realize those parts of me that have been pieced together and have come back, to different degrees. Their revival works against survival. I know how to make myself untouchable. But when I tell myself how to,
    something answers me by telling me it’s too late for that.”

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