[Video] New York Woman Tells Her Friend on the D Train “I’m PREGNANT by your HUSBAND!”

A woman in New York decided to inform her friend, that she was pregnant by the friend’s HUSBAND on a train packed full of passengers. 

Grab your WINE because, it was all caught on camera! Watch how the train passengers defend the friend who’s husband got her friend pregnant!


It’s Not worth it girl…

4 Comments on “[Video] New York Woman Tells Her Friend on the D Train “I’m PREGNANT by your HUSBAND!””

  1. With friends like that, who needs enemies? What the hell was she thinking? Did she decide to break the news to her on a public train like that so that her coward ass would be protected from catching those hands…. Mercy, mercy, me. SMH

  2. Lawd, I would have drugged her ass all up and down that damn train car! WTF kind of friendship she think that is?! “I know I was fucking your husband and got pregnant, but you’re still my friend.” Fuck outta here with that!! And the other passengers that stood up for Yvette were definitely in the right.

    And to keep it funky, I don’t blame Yvette for telling her to get an abortion. Damn, so people still don’t know how to use damn protection when creeping. If this shit were to ever happen to me, trust me y’all see me on “snapped”!!

  3. I’m in New York and This story rode right past me. I almost never take the D train maybe that’s why I missed it. Thank you for keeping me up to date❤

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