[Video] LHHA Karen King Went Back To Jail Today! She Says “I DON’T Smoke Crack! TMZ is Humiliating Me!”

As we know, Karen King has quite the rap sheet and was once wanted for kidnapping and severely beating her sons’ father.  It was also alleged that her two sons assisted her.

Sources claim Karen’s ex-fiance, Lyndon Baines Smith was beat so bad that he actually died at the hospital, Lyndon was revived by the medical staff.

Most media sources have reported that all charges stemming from the attack were for the alleged beating and kidnapping of her sons father, and not for his killing.

When this attack happened, Karen King went on the run and was named “Fugitive of the Week,” by America’s Most Wanted.   Her two sons were captured by police and charged with the beating and kidnapping of their father. Eventually, Karen was picked up in Vero Beach, Florida and charged with her two sons.

For lack of evidence, the charges against Karen King and her two sons were dropped, and they were all set free.

Well, today the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Star Karen King posted a video to her Instagram seemingly frustrated that she went to jail today again! This time is was not for kidnapping and beating anyone.

Karen claims her lawyer called and informed her that she had court today and apparently she was unaware of this. After hearing this, the LHHA star quickly dropped what she was doing, changed into something more presentable, and rushed to court.

Upon arriving, this is when she found out that a car dealer was responsible for her court visit. The dealership filed charges against the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Star for not making her Maserati payments on time, which resulted in her being arrested.


Karen King managed to post bond today, and upon her release, she quickly dropped two videos ranting on her Instagram expressing her frustrations and disgust with TMZ, and every other media source for speculating that she was smoking crack. Watch!



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