My Dad “Played With Himself” in Front of Me! He called it “GROOMING US!”

Alright! It’s Friday and officially Happy Hour! Today’s question is rather deep. It comes from a 28 year old woman named Rachel. Take second to read what Rachel wrote to me below.   Hey. I watch a few of your videos. I need some insight…. Continue Reading

TT: Part 1 & 2- I’m Very Depressed! My Fiance SLEPT with My Best Friend of 5 Years! [ Live Video]

  Wino’s tonight we have 3 very complex questions from 3 different women in desperate situations! Grab your wine! This livestream is rather long and will need your undivided attention! Read all 3 questions below. Question 1 Hi Tasha, My name is Justing and I’m… Continue Reading