My Husband Has a H0MOSEXUAL Past and I Think He Sleeps With His Coach Out of Town! [Video]

Here goes another lit Transparent Thursday and my fans are not trying hide or hold back anything as usual. Their issues are painful, and they seek for clarity on how to solve them. During today’s segment, one woman is second guessing her decision to marry her lover of 19 years, another has suspicions that her new husband is on the Down-low, while an 18 year old struggles with low self esteem and still having her virginity.

Life is not easy and sometimes when are up against the wall trying to make clear decisions, the stress of the situation can cloud our thinking. It’s sometimes great to have a non-biased view from someone on the outside. Here on unWinewithTashaK, I strive to offer what I know without passing judgement.

So watch as I dig deep and offer sound and unfiltered advice on each of their dilemmas.


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