TT: Part 1 & 2- I’m Very Depressed! My Fiance SLEPT with My Best Friend of 5 Years! [ Live Video]


Wino’s tonight we have 3 very complex questions from 3 different women in desperate situations! Grab your wine! This livestream is rather long and will need your undivided attention!
Read all 3 questions below.

Question 1

Hi Tasha,
My name is Justing and I’m writing to you from Canada. I love your show its raw and blunt and transparent. 
Anyway, I recently got back with my ex now for 2 months and things to me are getting strange. Of course when he was courting me ot was all nice and to me we hashed out what happen and what we can do differently. 
Let me explain. Recently I have noticed when goes out to work which he work usually from 7 to 3 in the morning he turns his ringer off or blocks me. How do I know this when he comes home I will call him and hear the phone vibrating. He is a tattoo artist that does house calls. He makes alot of money from it and makes his own schedule. We have 1 car. We also have twins that were premie. One of them has febrile seizures and lord knows when she is sick it could happen at anytime. Why I say that is if the is an emergency at home there is no car and no contact to him.
I have talked him about my feelings on the matter quite a few times with hopes it would change. But it has not.
We have 3 kids together and honestly I feel so broken with the idea of him cheating . I pray alot about it and ask God to bring whatever is in the darkness to light.. I love him Tasha and the obv our kids love him.  I use to be alone for 2 years and prayed for God to make me a better person and to have husband and here we are. We set a date for marrige and everything. Its a mess. I always have the feeling he’s up to something. My mind races and I break down with idea of him with someone and leaving us 
Honestly tash, I hate the idea of being alone the bills part, no companionship, the kids would be devestaed their 4 and 9.
He helps pay thr bills.  And if I ask him to take time off to.spend it with us he does. He tries in other departments. He cleans he cooks.he takes us out, were like rabbits when I want to be. .And minus the issue above he is perfect. What should I do?  
We broke up before because I saw him saying hi your pretty in someone’s facebook dm before. I broke laptop and kicked him out. That’s where my trust issue comes from and how strange that he can’t pick up. He says because I usually call to ask him when I’m coming home and to say goodnight that why he doesnt answer. He says I should text if there is an emergency because eye. He is doing tattoo he is using a glove and touching bloody skin. 
Hope to hear from you love your show woman
With kind regards,

Question 2

Hello my gorgeous friend!

I pray all is well in your life. I’m still speaking you having your own show into existence and I pray that it comes to pass for you.

So, I have a topic for Tuesday or shall I say a question. This is something I have prayed over and my emotions are too involved so I’m not thinking clearly.

I met my husband 15 years ago and we were together for approximately two years. There is an almost 10 year age difference between us.

He was controlling and he also had a temper but never towards me and my children (none of which are his).

We briefly split and during this time he was shot and almost lost his life. I was there the entire time (changing bandages and bathing him). We didn’t get back together right after but eventually we did after he was sent to prison for being present during a crime.

At this point about 5 years had passed and I tried to move on with my life but he had my heart. I started going to see him and eventually he asked me to marry him and I did. We have been married 4 years and I have done my best to stick by him but here’s the problem(s). Last year I got really sick and found out I had heart failure and had to be put in the hospital.

I was so sick that I had to have help to do everything. I didn’t hear from him for months. When I finally reached out to him he was more pissed that he was left alone then he was concerned about what was going on with me. He is very spoiled and self centered.

I had to stop going to see him because I didn’t have a car anymore and I was to sick to take care of myself so writing was the last thing on my mind. He has written me a few times (at different stages of our relationship) saying we should move on or that he doesn’t know how to be a husband. I’m still very sick and I haven’t heard anything from him even after being in the hospital again recently.

I love this man with all my heart but I’m tired Tasha. What do I do?

I’m a very spiritual person and I feel like we took vows before God and I shouldn’t give up. I pray for him daily but I also feel like with all I have gone through with him he doesn’t appreciate me and I should just send these divorce papers and let go. His mom treats me like shit most of the time and I’m tired! Between being sick, dealing with this and everything else…I’m all cried out. Thank you for any advice you can give.

I love you to pieces girl and I’m praying for you, your career and your family! Sincerely, MiMi

P.S. Thank you for listening and for just being you!


Question 3

Dear Tasha

Firstly, I am a subscriber on YouTube (from South Africa) & have been watching your videos for a few months now. You truly keep me sane because after a long day of bs I get to come home & “unwine” with you. 
Secondly, this is gonna be a long ass email, so grab your wine & a snack, because I don’t ever talk to anybody so when I do, it pours outta me.
My s/o has given up trying to get me to stop & now watches with me, lol! I love your energy & that you keep it real. I didn’t want to send you a message on instagram, because I have a lot to say… Also, you have a beautiful family! I hope you guys remain happy & loved beyond measure.
Let’s get into it. I suffer from depression, but I am really successful. I work for a big financial company, & I have a degree – linguistics & Psychology (double-majored). I also am planning a wedding in Spain next year, but I am always moody. I wouldn’t stay with me, so I don’t know how my fiancé does it. I can’t take medication, because I give financial advice & I’m terrified that my job will suffer. 
I also provide for my family. My mom is disabled & on pension. My brother is a heroine addict, but he functions. My sister is a single mother & my niece lives with me.
I have no problem with this, however, last weekend, my niece went out on Friday night. I dropped her off at a party with her cousins & she came home 2 hours early, which surprised me, but the next day she went out again, & since she came home early, I agreed & paid for an uber for her to go to the mall with her best friend (we had been drinking, so being safe). They then never came home! At 2:30 am they sent a text (their phones were off) saying that they were going to walk to my brother’s ex girlfriend’s house (that is about a 10 min walk) & turns out they never went to the mall & went to another friends house down the road from the mall. 
I was furious! The next day my niece ‘moved out’ & in with my cousin & her husband (drug addicts who sold all my shit when I asked them to house-sit my apartment for a month & caused me to be homeless 2 years ago). I clawed my way back up from the gutter to where I am now. A nice apartment in a lovely, safe area & bought my first car cash. 
I digress, but my niece hasn’t spoken to me & I even told my sister & she hung up on my sister when she told Stephanie (17) to apologise to me. I just feel so disrespected. Even her bestie apologised for taking advantage. Their parents never let themdo anything. I was mad, because it’s dangerous & she knows all I want is honesty & transparency, because I was also once young & a rebel.
Was I over-reacting by telling her mother & how do I approach her not talking to me. I’m more hurt than anything, tbh. 
My whole family lies to me. 
My daddy had a whole other family & I found out from my friend who said casually, “I’m here with your brother”, & I was like, “No. My brother doesn’t live here”, & she was like, “No. Your dad has other kids”. It was the day before my physics exam. My daddy then came to see me the next day & begged me not to tell my mom. 6 months later her died of cancer & didn’t even tell us. I then had to face his mistress & my mother only knew about her & not the kids. No denying the resemblance – at ALL. His mistress also forged his death certificate & will as it states he is divorced, which NEVER HAPPENED. All this I order to claim my dad’s estate (not that he had much, anyway).
My life was like a bad reality show, until now, now I’m just dealing with the after-shock. 
I just am so damn loyal & people hurt me so much. I also have my faults, Tasha, but I just don’t understand why the closest people to me keep hurting me. Am I too sensitive? 
My best friend cheated with my boyfriend of 5 years. And that’s not even the half of my life story! 
My fiancé’s ex gf catfished me by pretending to be my friend online (yeah , I was desperate for someone to talk to) & ended up stalking us both. She called my job the other day & wished my fiancé a happy birthday. They still had something going on after we got together, but we moved past that. 
How should I fix my life? Why do people keepdoing this? Wtf is wrong with the world? Sorry for bombarding you with all this info. I just am so glad you are able to offer advice. 
By the way, I’m unwining with Saint Anna by Douglas Green. It’s a natural sweet wine, very fruity & tropical – perfect companion for a lovely sunset & a good book…
Thanks again
Kind regards 
Wino’s what are your thoughts?