My Dad “Played With Himself” in Front of Me! He called it “GROOMING US!”

Alright! It’s Friday and officially Happy Hour! Today’s question is rather deep. It comes from a 28 year old woman named Rachel.

Take second to read what Rachel wrote to me below.


Hey. I watch a few of your videos. I need some insight. I had a good financial up bringing but I wasn’t taught well about life and con life like I should. ( I was a tomgirl, I had bad hygiene, I stared at people. My mom had me at 35, she had bad hygiene, very unorganized , etc. My dad tried to groom me my sister for sex. I was never raped. He played with his penis in front of us. My mom knew. I was going to grow up and kill him, but my mental illness change that. ( I hallucinate a lot) I was very athletic and lift weights when I was a kid. He was 40 when he has me. I’m the oldest. I didn’t eat right so I was skinny. My first time going to jail I was 28 I’m still 28. Me and my dad got into a fight. I got a felony cause I stab him with a pen. Kick him in the face and bloody his eye with my fist he had to get stitches. He hit me first. He bit me grab my hair things like that. He Lies to the police said he just put his finger in my face. I haven’t talk to him in like a year, and never will. I got my case dismissed. He got three months probation. Wasn’t his first offense. I met a coworker (truck driver) who bring me under his wing, help me out a lot gave with thing I didn’t know. I am a truck driver now so is he. We drove them together. My problem I have now is that when my mental illness struck I notice how people have been stealing from me ( probably even as a kid) and this modern day racist code. When my mental Illness happen, I also was more observant of people in a different way. And I notice that people code body language to other people. It’s like the new modern day racist stuff. White people hold and put their hand in their pocket, breath on you, code the Swazi symbol, step in front of me when I walk, white men buck at all types of stuff. It got to the point where I lot all my bad habit and gain another by looking at people through my peripheral, and they hate that. And so do I. I mean every race has there on code. If you older they might not do It too you. My coworker is in his 40. He doesn’t see it. I know my message is long, sorry I just wanted you to see were I was coming from. How do i handle a situation like this. I want to make it back, but it happens so much. My coworker says cause I looked hood. I wear baggy clothes cause I truck drove and a tomgirl. Now I wear shirts and sweatpants now. But I have to braid in my hair. It not my style to code people back all the time, but receiving is very stressful. Even Mexican do it to blacks. I don’t have any friend my age anymore. basically if I was your child. My sister is a professional thief, she could not answer it , my cousin boyfriend is from the hood and did ten year in jail and I believe he boost too. I ask him he didn’t know. My cousin said knowing can tell you how to protect your stuff. But since it happen to me so much. I believe I can give you advice. I want ask my dad cause I never talking to him again and I believe he sleep with young girl and nine time out of ten they do it to (steal and code) he has taught me nothing just given me money. If I was your child what advice would you give me. Please and thank you. Feel free to ask me any question if it not clear.


As I read Rachel’s story, it pained me deeply to hear that her parents were the root to the majority of her issues. I’ve offered as much insight as I could. Now I’m sure Rachel wouldn’t mind hear your thoughts as well.


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  1. Rachel, stay on your medication (if you are on medication) for your illness and continue to do you. Continue to evolve into the beautiful woman that I know you can be.😊😊😊

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