I’ve Got 5 KIDS with Different Dads and Men I Date Don’t Take Me Serious! [Video]

It’s Monday and it’s time for Happy Hour!

Today’s question come from a woman named Tiff. She has five kids with different men.

Read what Tiff wrote to me below.

Love your channel, love you!

So I’m a single mom with five kids, I know bad choices in men, but recently just decided I just have a ‘friend’ and focus on my kids. My question is; I go back and forth with this decision because I wanna date go out have dinner and movie or ne thing of interest that don’t involve sex  (cuz that’s what the friend is for ), homegirls and kids, but should I mention this if they ask? I love black men but some are so damaged that they can’t seem to date with out staking claims or trying to f if they spend money. None of my children’s fathers are a problem because I gives them no sex. But because of past issues in their lives men tend make assumptions and think I’m lying and do bs. I’m a little strong and blunt. Is this a good idea or nah should I just focus on kids and that friend or let him go and just focus on kids? Hope my ? Makes it thanks for you videos very uplifting and transparent.
As you can see, Tiff has had a bit of difficulty finding a stable mate. She is in desperate need of a logical answer. I’ve offered as much advice as I could, so please feel free to share your thoughts.


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  1. I’m a single mother and yes we want companionship. If I’m with a dude and I’m not feeling it or I just want to “be friends”, we go Dutch. When you pay for your movie, drinks, dinner, etc… you send a clear message that you’re not interested or gonna have sex. He will move on if y’all aren’t really friends.

    I’m a little confused why a woman feels a man should take them out and there is no end game for him, sex or relationship.

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