My Friends Husband is a CHEATER and Makes her Sleep in Another Room!


It’s Happy Hour and time to get into somebody’s business!

Today’s question come from a concerned woman named Nell.

She’s feel that her friends boyfriend is cheating!  Read what Nell wrote to me below.


Hi Tasha!

LOVE you channel, so glad I found it and honestly don’t know how I lived without it (probably wine). I’m a bit new still and I’ve never seen you mention names but I just wanted to ask to obviously stay anonymous! One of my best friends has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 12 years now (she is 32). They’ve got a mortgage, another mortgage, a dog, two fancy cars, two great incomes… but in my opinion, he is a stone cold asshole who plays her. She is the kind of girl who dreams of the perfect wedding. He knows this very well, but refuses to propose to her because he doesn’t care about getting married (or about her feelings, apparently). He also makes her sleep in a separate bed because he has trouble sleeping with any sounds in the room. He knows all the things she dreams about and refuses to give them to her. He gives her a hard time for having “useless” hobbies, because it’s “not productive”. They both work equally much, but she is always the one who does the cooking, and he always whinges and bitches about it. I would have told him to cook his own damn meal years ago, but she is too in love to see it. I hate the dude. We all do (all her friends). All her other friends have been telling her for years that he is no good, but she won’t hear it. I’ve tried to be the friend who doesn’t judge, because others do that enough as it is and it’s clearly not helping (even from people who are even closer to her than I am!)… but I’m really starting to worry that she is wasting her life away with him. She wants that wedding, 2 kids, romance. All he wants is material things and for her to stay out of his way, basically. I’m afraid she’s not going to realize until it’s too late and she can’t have those kids anymore. Do I join the crowd that’s been telling her to leave and hope it has impact, or will there be no point anyway and will it possibly just damage our friendship? I want to be straight with all my friends but I feel like she doesn’t want the truth. Thank you so much for all your fantastic videos and insights, much love!




Now after reading this, I nearly choked on my wine because I was confused as to who’s man this was. I mean DAMN, is it her friends man or hers,??!!!  Hell she wrote in as if she was the one that had to sleep with him.

Nevertheless, I provided a solution and I must admit, it’s quite harsh.






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  1. This sounds like he is a true NARCISSIST! This is a very disturbing mental health condition that stems from childhood issues. There are processes they take women through to even get her to this stage.
    Look at YouTube sites:
    Assc Direct
    From Surviving to Striving
    The Little Shaman Healing

    There are lots of people out there speaking on this evil from experience.

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