I’m SLEEPING With My Sister’s Baby Daddy! We’re ENGAGED and They Have Twins!

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It’s Happy Hour and I’m Gagging!


A young woman emailed me this question below. She is sleeping with her sister’s baby daddy!

Here is the the fan question!

Hello Tasha,

I will be using an anonymous name. You can call me Zabrina. I watch your channel all the time. I love your feed back on real life issues. I have a question. I’m praying that you can give me your honest opinion. I have been dating my fiancee for about 3yrs now going on 4. It’s kinda crazy how we where introduced and how we hooked up. Winter of 2012 my one and only sister lived in another city from where I lived. We are both in Texas. Anyways she called me one night to tell me that her car had broke down at the Grocery store gas station. She told me that a car pulled up beside her and a group of guys where in the car. Long story short one of the guys got out to help her with her car. After that they exchanged numbers and went there separate ways. Later on in the week. I guess she called the guy to come over. While I was at home I received a phone call and it was my sister and the guy she had met at the gas station. We started a conversation that led to the guy getting on the phone . He introduced himself​ : name, age, and where he was from. My sister chimed in and said y’all are the same age I thought he was older. Mind you my sister is 5yrs older than me. She then said I’m gonna send you some pictures of him. I was like ok. She sent the pictures. I thought he was very handsome 😘. After I received the pictures I called her and told her ” yea he’s cute, I like him” . But crazy enough we never exchanged numbers! Three whole months go buy. My sister calls again to say I think I’m pregnant?! I’m like for real by whom. She says by this guy that lived in her Apartments​& possibly by someone else. She couldn’t be certain. Before she gives birth . She tries to find the guys who she slept with. Both nowhere to be found. She gives birth. Then she says you remember the guy I wanted you to talk to. I’m like yea she said I did sleep with him one time. I was like huh. But you wanted to hook us up. And you fucked him wow!! Anyways she finally got in contact with dude. We called him on three way. She begged me to do all of the confronting. So I did. He was so excited to hear from me that he almost ignored the reason for the call. We told him he could possibly be the dad . He denied it at first but was willing to TAKE DNA. A YEAR GOES BY. I get a phone call from my sister saying that dude wants my number. So she gives it to him. He calls we start talking. He tells me that he never wanted my sister, that the one night stand just happened and that he always wanted to get to know me. He came down to where I live at and he has never left . Finally he gets the blood test done April 2017. And the results are in…….99.9% he’s the Dad! 😫😫😫😫. I was devastated at first because. I didn’t want to be Auntymommie. Lol. ( My sister has 8 kids for the record. No Father’s support and doesn’t want any!! ) Before people start to feel sorry for her!! Me and my fiancee are happy together, but ppl want us to end our relationship. Me and my sister have never been close. Girl I need some advice!? What should I do? What do you think about this situation? Oh and we are Black . Sorry the email was a bit long but that’s only half . They even came for me on social media!!🤔 Please Help??


You asked girl!, So here you go!




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  1. LMAO!!!! I could never sleep with so.eone my sister slept with! She needs to run for the hills and leave him alone. Plus, any man that does not fight for his child or want to support his child is not a man to be with.

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