I’m Black and Had a Baby With a “WHITE MAN” Because He Was “CLEAN and NICE!”

Hey Wino’s! It’s Happy Hour!


Today’s question comes from a woman named CECE.

Take a look at what she wrote to me below.


Hey Tasha,

My name is CECE I’m 23 years old African American and a single mother. I mention this because I like to date older men . I think its because of history of abuse from a family member’s boyfriend touching and raping me when I was from the ages of 9-13. However I met my child’s father when I was 19. He was a nice clean white guy who shared my same interests and goals and wants out of life, or so I thought. Also the fact that we were both victims of sexual abuse during out childhoods brought us closer when were both going to therapy and helping each other through the depression, PTSD and anxiety. We dated for 6 months before I got pregnant. As soon as this happened our relationship changed and more things about him started to come out. I found out his real age which was crazy because he is older than my parents. He also lied about his job and money. I feel like I had a baby by a complete stranger and it is tearing me apart on the inside and I do not know how to cope with that feeling. Our relationship is non existent because he is stuck on our terrible break up and he NEVER visits his son. To be honest, I think he has another family and would rather pay child support. I have no proof but it is just a feeling. However we all know that saying if you have a gut feeling, it’s usually right. Feelings are still hurt and neither one of us can address the issues without name calling and yelling. He uses the fact that he is older than me to his advantage and belittles me all the time. My question is how do you think me and my child’s father can get to a point where we can address our issues so we can both heal and move on so we can raise this beautiful baby boy?


Well guys, after reading this you know damn well that I had a few words for CECE!



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