My Best Friend Bought a FAKE AS$ and Now I Can’t Trust Her Around My Man! [Video]

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Today’s question comes from a woman named Felicia. She ended her 16 year friendship with her best-friend because she changed after she had plastic surgery on her ass.



Take a look at what Felecia wrote to me below.


Hello Tasha!
How are you? I was friends with my ex-best friend for 16 years. I am even the godmother of her daughter. This is one of the people that I have unconditional love for and it breaks my heart. (She was there for me when my mom died). But she started acting different when she got her breast and butt surgery about 5 years ago. I would speak to her everyday other day or so and sometimes we wouldn’t talk for months at a time. But we would always get back to where we would leave off. She would talk to and be with a different guy every four months or less. She told me after dating them she would Lose interest and move to the next. She wouldn’t be friends with females for long either. She became self absorbed and focused more on her looks. I was putting more efforts into our friendship. She used her body as a magnet to Draw guys to her to hide her insecurities. But I still loved her through and gave her encouragements. Last year she opened a FB account on her birthday in Nov. Most of her FB friends were guys. In December I noticed she befriended my ex boyfriend. At first I started to trip because she broke a code. Why would she friend one of my ex. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Earlier this year, she mentioned she was going on a date with a doctor. During the date the doctor showed her a picture of all his friends. Some were doctors, NFL players, pharmacist and etc. She then told me one of his friends is an NFL player for one the teams in my state. I told her to put me on. She mentioned his name and I told her, his name sounds familiar. Then I said never mind because he went to school with us and use to date one of our mutual friends. She told me she didn’t recall. And she would have to date him friend. Then about two week later she was friends with him on one of her social media. I distance myself from her. But it wasn’t until a month later when I saw that she befriended one of my guy friends from all the way where I live. I unfriended her. And distance myself from her because I don’t know if I cool trust her around my boyfriend and even around my future husband. She tried to get a hold of me and asked if everything is okay and would leave messages, saying that she’s worried. I would text her that I’m fine. Am I overreacting? Am I throwing 16 years of friendship away? Help!!!!



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  1. I believe that she should not be so insecure; trust your man. He may look, but if he loves you he wont touch! Don’t put negative energy in the universe, and it wont happen. Be Blessed

  2. Love ur energy. Ur wine tips are awesome. I stumbled upon ur page and have been giggling with u ever since. Lol. Thanks! Youre definately a bright spot in my day

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