My Husband is ADDICTED to P0RN & Pays BlG B00TY STRlPPERS to Sleep with Him and His Friends! [Video]

Alright wino’s it’s officially Happy Hour!


Today’s question comes from a woman named Shannon. So grab your wine glass and read what she wrote to me below.


Hey girl!

Please refer to me as Shannon cuz I love u so much that I got my husband watching you. The good news is I don’t think he gets ALL of your notifications like I do. Whew girl I’m so excited!!I feel like I’m about to address royalty I enjoy you so much! This will not change despite what you may say! Ok, here goes … My husband and I have been together for close to 15 years but we only been married for five. He’s a very good provider and good father but I have recently discovered some things about him I did not know. One day we got into an argument and he said that he hopes that I die. We were angry about that for some time and then when we became cool again I happened to see in his phone that he had been watching porn. This wouldn’t be a problem if he had not tried to keep it a secret as I am willing to watch with him but the things he were looking at were not abnormal but I do not have a big butt and some of them did… so it made me feel insecure. It was also watched very frequently and when I asked him about it he said it had only been for about a month while I had a medical procedure. When I had looked further into the history found out it had been like 7 months so he lied about that first of all. It must also be noted he didn’t seem very caring about the procedure I had done which was female related, that in itself is another story. I also need to tell you that on the night he looked at porn was on the night he said he hoped that I died so that made me feel like he had no remorse for what he had said. He said this was in response to me saying something mean to him but I told him I would never say that to someone, not even my worst enemy . It must also be noted that I’m very outgoing friendly person and have no enemies that I know of and get along very well at work and have moved up. Amyway, I tried to get over this even though I felt insecure we continued to have sex…oh yeah, that was one thing he said I did not have sex enough even though I have other things to do like work and cook, plus care for our kids. but I still make time for him not to mention he refuses to even try to please me , but that’s another story…I’m getting too deep he’ll know it’s me but he may not even be watching probably watching porn. It should also be noted that even though I’m upset about these things whenever it’s time to talk about it he screams Louder Than Me! blames me for other things in the past, no matter how small or huge and never takes responsibility.,so it goes nowhere… just like what I’m about to tell you went nowhere because he blames me and screamed like he was the victim ! Heloves to be the victim which surely sickens me! Well one day his friend sent a text with two naked women on it I must let you know he usually keeps his phone off but he said I could go ahead and grab it” I’m not watching porn anymore I have nothing to hide”. He must’ve forgot to turn his phone off that day because even I was surprised to see it on. Also before these occurrences I had no reason not to trust him even though he had texted girl at work one time and said something like he was a good lover but nothing else ever came of that and he’s always home so this is why I have conflicting feelings and don’t know what to believe or think. Anywho, So I grabbed the phone and that text came through and it was the naked women and I said what is that! He said I don’t know. There were two black women bent over someone and someone standing in the back clearly some type of freak shit going on not porn…it looked real for real to me.! Of course big juicy asses like I don’t have which also made me upset. And what are you talking about to your friends to make them think you want to see this even if you didn’t go which I don’t believe mind you! The text also said something strange like happy anniversary or something . that’s what it said even though we were together for our anniversary.I didn’t know why it said that I thought it was perhaps some code word. I said well did you guys go out for his bachelor party or something and do that…freaking? He had just been to his friend’s bachelor party about five to seven months prior to this so even if he didn’t go during that anniversary could have been picture from then I’m not stupid. and he said no so I said well type him back and let him know you don’t know what he’s talking about and see what he says! GOT EME! he text back oh cool so I thought everything was good ya know! then guess what girl?! he then proceeded to take the phone, hide it and just would not let me get to it …snatched it from me and wouldn’t let me see it. By the way I’m sorry this is so long! I said why won’t you let me see it? he said because they may lie and tell you things that aren’t true. I said please let me see it because I have no trust after the porn issue and other things so please let me see it. , I literally begged for that phonr Tasha for real! I told him it was better for me to know than to have to imagine my whole life what it might have said you know what I mean ?!He still refused to give me the phone so I can see the response. there was also another guy involved on the text …people group text. Girl and he squez my hand almost and broke the phone! He then said that he can’t live like this and it was over. I said you acting like I did something wrong! the whole time our six-year-old daughter was there she was screaming and I said please stop you’re making her upset and he said I’m not giving you the phone so he ended up leaving and we didn’t resolve that. I need to know do you think he was at some sort of freak party with his friend or do you think that they just sent that. If he wasn’t why didn’t he let me see what they texted back.later they did text back and he sent me a screenshot where it said man and you missed all of the fun. I said I’m not stupid when you left you must’ve called them and told them to text something like that so I would think you weren’t there! I am far from stupid Tash! U must know he does not go out very often but he does work and I do not know when this could have happened and I asked him why he didn’t tell me and he said he did not want me to think that when he goes out with them this always happens. Please know he always seems to care more about what other people think than me …this is just the tip of the iceberg not to mention other things! I never feel like he puts me first. so that’s the question. do you think something really happened the reason the friend is sending the pictures of these naked women to him and it clearly looks like they were at somebody’s house and some freak party and he would not let me get the phone to see the friends response. Thanks so much Tasha.sorry for being so long I wish I could talk more I’m sure I’m leaving things out God bless you keep it reeaaalll!!!😁


Well, I know after reading all of that you probably wanted to down the whole bottle. Nevertheless, I was able to get my strength up and offer up a tall glass of STFU!!


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