8 Comments on “R.Kelly Had “STRONG DlCK ODOR” and Tricked HOMELESS Woman on 8/27/2017 into Giving Him HEAD for 3K! [Video]”

  1. The interviewer is VERY JUDGEMENTAL. Shame on you shallow interviewer! Your kind set struggling women back. Why don’t you pay this woman for this interview?

    1. This woman made herself look a mess by telling this story. She should be ashamed to have done such a thing. Why should Tasha pay ??? No one would know if she didn’t tell it. What now she want money for her story because R Kelly didn’t pay?? This lady is mad she didn’t get money and she didn’t give a damn about R Kelly past, present, stinking smell or the girls he allegedly kidnapped. She’s a grown women who knows better and made that choice. Perhaps this woman needs more respect for herself. Shame on you for putting Tasha down for allowing this woman to tell her truth no matter how embarrassed should be. We love you Tasha and you will have your own show soon. If she has Pica I guess she use to putting nasty stuff in her mouth.

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  3. This sounds sad. I feel bad for this woman but at the same time no one held her against her will. I have kids too and know what the struggle is however no amount of money would make me sacrifice my self worth in this manner

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