I Have 6 KIDS and My Husband of 4 Years is FORCING Me to Choose Between Him & My Son!


Hi Tasha!

I watch your videos on YouTube and I wanted to take this time to write to you and get your perspective on my situation.

I’ve been married to my husband for 4 years and we’ve been together for a total of six years. I have six children and my husband and I do not have any children together.

Before we got married, my husband had constant conflict with one of my children, my 16 year old son. Even though there has been conflict we have managed to overcome some of the problems and issues and continue to move forward to.

While we were, dating my husband was aware that my son had mental health problems. He was also aware of him being diagnosed as bipolar, and needing to be prescribed medication. He was hospitalized due to one of the prescription meds that gave him severe side effects.

Fast forward into the marriage, both my son and husband  have constant conflict and I do step in and check my son when he is wrong and I also attempt to explain to my husband where he can be wrong at some things.

My husband is to a point where he no longer wants a relationship with my son he doesn’t want to deal with him.

My husband doesn’t speak to him he doesn’t want to deal with anything that has to deal with my son Jeremiah, but when it comes to issues and situations in the household my husband will come to me and bring an issue to my attention when it does have something to do with my son Jeremiah.

Right now my husband is saying that when my son graduates high school he is expecting for my son to be out of the household and he is not going to change his mind on that.

He says that if my son is still in the household by time he graduates high school even after having a job then he is leaving the household.  So right now being that my husband has expressed to me how he feels about my son, he can’t stand him, and he feels that if I choose to keep him in the home, then that says to my husband that I love my son more than him.

If my son wanted to move out on his own and if he was financially stable and able to take care of himself then that’s fine. I will not stand in his way of doing that. But I don’t want it to be in a situation where if he does move out he’s not able to take care of himself. My husband has said that if he does move out and he wants to come back home he is not allowed in the home.

Most of my friends are telling me that I need to let the marriage go now and just deal with getting over it because my husband has always had constant conflict and issues with my son. Some people are also saying that I should have my husband’s back and support his decision because of my son’s behavior.

Tasha, nobody seems to care about my relationship with my child, men come and go, but your child will always be your flesh and blood. Help me Tasha to figure all of this out. You can give me the truth Straight No Chaser I will take it all in.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my letter and I hope that I can resolve this conflict. Thanks



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  1. I think her husband IS selfish is need to go . If she married him, then she can find better acting husband that is more acceptable…

  2. Hi Tasha my name is Tereance I’ve been watching your show for quite a while I really like your topics and you very funny I don’t agree with what you said about her husband should work out his issues and raise her son as his own after all the turmoil and drama he suffers because of it what about his mental status or state of mind his self respect at the end of the day we only human he should want more for his self regardless I’m speaking on his stepson but if you don’t is not his responsibility to instill some respect into him at the end of the day we only have ourselves to blame for Ione shortcomings and our successes my grandma told me a long time ago with my mother was little and she first had it having kids you’ll never know what you raising all you can do is hope for the best and give some love and support with the rest if they fail to succeed or fail to achieve sometimes you need to step back and let God handle it some people need to fall all the way down before they can be able to come up so I stand by the man and how he feels he shouldn’t have to suffer no more abuse or watch his wife go through abuse by the hands of her own sibling some people need to just let go can’t grow old without feeling loved and having love in your life if you have to choose love over a child will that child is more selfish than you know and you let yourself down at the end of the day of the one sure thing that we have in this world is love that’s all please get back with me let me know I watch your show Peace Love Queen

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