I’m 32 & My 62 Year Old Boyfriend Won’t STOP SLEEPING With Other Women WITHOUT Me! [Video]

Now just when you think we are starting to win, somebody take us 10 steps back!

Read & listen carefully to what this woman named Denise wrote me!

Dear  Tasha!

I hope this is the right email….. Anyway GM  Tasha but make me understand something my ole man is 62 and I’m 32 I chose to bring other women to the bed to please my man trying to be spontaneous and this morning before he went to work he told me he talks to other women when he goes out! Is that fair? Because to me I don’t see no point into me bringing women home if he’s seeing other women….. Is this fair what he’s doing? My love goes deeper than you think….

Now watch how I gets into dat ASSSSSS!!!! Hold my wine!!