WOW! 20 year-old Kenyan Man has World’s LARGEST Penis Surgically Reduced So He Can Walk! [Video]

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Of course this man is Black and also African!

Via Google News,

Ten years after the first surgery, the 20-year-old Horace Owiti Opiyo penis continued to grow. His penis had reached 1 meter and weighed 5 pounds. 20-year-old Horace Owiti Opiyo underwent life-saving surgery to reduce size to his penis and testicles. It was 2006 when he noticed a cyst in his penis and a year later he underwent surgery.


The cyst, however, reappeared and continued to grow, with its testicles 20 times the average size. His penis had reached 1 meter and weighed 5 pounds. He was diagnosed with acute elephantiasis, which can be caused by mosquito bite. He had reached the point of not being able to walk and go to school. The 20-year-old from Kenya could no longer live a normal life.

Without being able to cope financially with a new intervention, Horace Owiti Opiyo tried herbal remedies without success. Only when his story became known to social media got the help he needed so much.
“It started like something very small. Then it was in the size of my fist. It just kept growing. ” His situation forced him to leave school because he could not dress or walk well.

You Gotta See The Size of This Thing!!! Watch!!!