4 Comments on “Omarosa was ‘FIRED’ From The White House For Starting DRAMA With The Staff. *Watch*”

  1. Hey Tasha K,
    My name is LaDonna Moss and I just started watching your channel yesterday and I enjoy your content.You are a funny, entertaining and smart woman. I was really feeling depressed and came across your channel. I admire your confident and fearless attitude and would be happy to support your channel. Have a happy holiday and keep doing yo thang! (You sound like MC Lyte a little bit too, lol).

  2. Tasha I love your channel folks don’t like the truth but the truth will set u free folks need to be exposed one way in public and another way behind closed doors . You can’t treat ppl anykind of way and think it won’t catch up with u this a shame & folks always wanna keep secrets and protect dogs but every dog has its day treat them bad long enough and they will turn on u so I am glad she has the strength to come fourth I pray she get everything stolen from her because nothing in Christ is ever lost may she be blessed and may your channel be blessed. You don’t see to many women who tell it like it is their is only a hand full of us .

    1. Tasha my comment is for the Steve Harvey issue lol my computer jumped on the wrong page and I was just writing sorry about that.

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