2 Comments on “Quincy Jones LIED Twice During His Vulture Interview! Not Richard Pryor, Michael Jackson, or….”

  1. Can you send me the link for the tee shirt and wine. My birthday is on the 16th and want my tee before it’s to late. It’s my gift to myself. lol

  2. I worked for a PI firm several years ago, and probably 50% of my clients were wives/husbands who wanted proof of their spouse cheating.

    The process was very easy, even for a beginner PI. Most people do not cover their tracks well, or they get comfortable over time because they haven’t been caught.

    I only needed a little bit of information to get started such as the make and model/license plate of the spouse’s car. Then I would follow them and document the time, location, and details each time they met up with their lovers. Clients would often request photo and video proof, and we would do our best to deliver.
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