5 Comments on “Bill Cosby Feels GREAT After Trial, Kim K on Tristan Cheating, Ciara Says Future is Deadbeat, & More!”

  1. To my belief Bill Cosby’s lawyer is gonna appeal and Cosby will get then get off again, if not he will only do house arrest probably because of his age. What about Winestein and the rest of the others that did the same thing to all of those actresses! I don’t think that they should pull the Cosby show either, because he wasn’t they only one on that show . He’s just one individual, what about the rest of the cast….is that fair to them????????

  2. The justice system in Pennsylvania is very unfair, I am a witness to this as well! Jesus Christ I am claiming fair justice to us in Pennsylvania in THE AWESOME POWERFUL NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, AMEN!!!

  3. The Justice System in Pennsylvania is very unfair, my son and I am witnesses to this ourselves! I am claiming fair Justice to us that reside in Pennsylvania just like other states that have fair Justices! Why is it that the laws are different here? This is very unjust and unfair to Pennsylvanians! I live here, I wasn’t born here but have lived here most of my life and I did not vote for unfair laws! I have worked most of my life here, paid my taxes here but can not get fair laws here in this country called the United States of America, in which Pennsylvania is located. I am CLAIMING IN THE AWESOME POWERFUL NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THIS TOO SHALL PASS AND LAWS HERE AS WELL AS EVERYWHERE SHALL BE JUST, IN JESUS CHRIST NAME I PRAY, AMEN!!!

  4. The nasty dog’s owner name “Lunatic_living” is not pronounced “Loon-attic.” It is pronounced “Loon-a-tick”. đŸ˜€

    But, thank you for the entertaining show you always provide. I enjoy it. đŸ™‚

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