2 Comments on “Kanye West DISGRACED for Opioid ADDlCTION, 7 Pill A Day Mental illness, & SIavery METAPHOR!”

  1. Hi Tasha! I just have to say that I’m sooo super impressed with your show! I normally don’t get into the reality shows or like the Wendy Williams type shows at all..generally change the channel when I even hear her voice..but I watched a few of your videos…then became your 200k subscriber😜…I’ve enjoyed especially learning a few new wine selections but above all I simply must say, “not that you give a damn anyways”, 😂 but of all your videos the Kanye West video is freaking awesome!!!and tysm for the fresh perspective! Not a huge fan of his, but I really think more of black society needs to hear/see your video on this…I’m gonna share it as much as possible…”now I gotta go, bye!”😀

  2. Learn the difference between a youtube channel and a podcast. They are not the same. You attacking someone for a podcast that has nothing to do with celebrity gossip which it seems is what you do is so embarrassing for me as an African American. You have a total different fan base than the girl you attacked. Unless you think so little of your followers that you think they would stop watching your channel to go LISTEN to a radio podcast. If you attack her for using a wine glass in her logo then what about all the other podcasts about wine. Did you attack them too? News flash you aren’t the only youtub channel that features a woman drinking wine.

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