10 Comments on “(Live Video)Teyana Taylor Comes Out, Stevie J. EX “RISKED” Her Freedom For Him, Teairra Mari Leaks Tape & More.”

  1. Hmmm interesting enough I’m sure you saw both clips like the rest of us… yet and still you put out and share a link with false accusations. Damaging someone’s character and sexuality. Rather it was for ratings or not you still look untrustworthy with any information you deliver. The link above in the pervious comments same one viewed by Ms TASHA is evident it is NOT STEVIE J. That my dear is grounds to sue you. FYI.
    Furthermore what makes your content that much different from the false content you unwine about?
    You had a new subscriber just a a week ago now…. so so.

  2. I do not care what anyone says. I can tell that that was Stevie J’s video. Just look at the rat faced expression of “delighted exhaustion” (at 00:19) after tearing into the white boys buttock. Chile, this is a shame and a scandal. haha thanks TashaK.

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