18 Comments on “(Statement) London on Da Tracks Mother Sheryl Mack Says R. Kelly Made His Oldest Daughter Table Dance For Him & His Friends!”


  2. Tasha K, I understand what she was trying to do in making a statement and sharing the truth, from her perspective. To me this makes her sounds just as guilty as him. She’s definitely an accessory in a few of his illegal activities.

    I am honored that she shared her statement and even more excited that you shared the truth with your followers but she had her hands in a lot of the foolishness. If she would’ve continued doing what he wanted without her requesting her true salary she would still be team Robert today. I hate to read and see on your YT channel what he has done to women because my father’s name is Robert. This Robert is a monster and will be brought to justice!!!

    I know you have to report the truth, that’s why I love the WINE <3

    1. I totally agree that she’s telling the story trying to distance herself from the situation but she obviously knew what was going on and didn’t do anything about it. And she must have all this detail about things that happened behind closed doors when she wasn’t there because these girls were confiding in her, probably hoping she’d help and she just sat on it….gosh! Too heavy

  3. This is truly sad…if it is true that he was pinning people against each other then he is a true narcissist who knew exactly what he was doing, whether he knows how to read and write or not!
    Additionally, she is no better…all those people she named had to know something was going on. SHE should have confronted him and left right after the first incident so she wouldn’t have so much to write. At least her friends and neice knew to stay away only if they had a stronger influence. So sad for everyone involved…we are all a lost people… colored and noncolored, old and young.

  4. This has to end, someone have to put a stop to this, it’s sick, and I’m saddened by it all, I can’t even listen to his music anymore all I hear is horrible noise when I hear his voice

  5. He was enabled. And for a woman to be part of that shit is the worst. All of them need to burn in the fires of sunken place hell.

  6. Tasha great read she knew it was wrong and she is just as guilty. I’m from Chicago I new Rob when we were younger in grammar school. He wasn’t shit then!!

  7. I don’t know which is worst him doing the things that he does or the grown people around him who know right from wrong and kept their mouths shut for a coin or the fantasy of a coin.

    He’s awful but the enablers are worst. Now they are only talking to stay out of jail.

    Think about it you see someone being killed (because that’s what happened he killed their innocence, health both physical and mental) and you shut up and say nothing to the killer or the police. You even go out to find more victims, you know what will happen to the new victims you don’t warn them and you let it happen anyway all for some $$$? All because you didn’t weld the weapon your innocent?

    It’s despicable. Evil runs rampant in this world because “good” people who see and can do even small things to stop it let it flow like a river.

  8. WOW!! Wine served after reading that letter! But, there were adults around knowing what R. Kelly was doing to those girls and they didn’t say nothing. They’re guilty as well…. it’s not normal behavior.

  9. In my opinion he was f*** her too. How is she doing all of this “free” work without any compensation. I’ll tell you Dick. That’s how. Plus what did all these people have in common with each other, who were getting pitted against each other? Screwing him. So yeah she was in on all of this and is just as guilty as him. Please talking about how he treated precious and all the things he was doing and when. But she conveniently didnt know he was doing it then. But she also never days when she finally did find out. Why? Cause she already knew before she brought her in there what he wanted.

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  11. This is sad. If you check Vonecia, Kash, & Precious social media they aren’t at all speaking or advocating for the safety of the remaining girls in the home. If people close to this situation have such sinister testimonies, there is no reason these girls have nothing to say. It is so crazy in all the research I’ve been doing that these girls don’t speak. It takes a true brave soul to speak and it’s become clear right and close enough at that the girls who end up staying around more or less are more naive than we think. I could go on for days about this Tasha I might have to just email you. I have put together a lot of pieces of this situation over the last two years and would LOVE to compare pieces.

  12. After 2005 the first minor was taken to R. Kelly and sexually abused, Sheryl Mack continued taking minors to R. Kelly. These minors were taken to him with her knowing it was likely some type of sexual manipulation taking place. At one point Sheryl Mack even referenced her niece being approached from her to give him pictures. What type of aunt would request something like that from her niece except a perverted aunt.
    Sheryl Mack had no regard for anyone’s safety but what did she receive from this unpaid business agreement? She was clear in saying she was not paid but continued to put property in her name until almost 13yrs later when her responsibilities were lowered to R. Kelly’s guest and homes. Stating it was grueling yet she continued supposedly without being compensated for her time and diligence.
    Was it clout chasing, infatuation with R. Kelly, waiting for her chance with him or what type of deviate secrets does Sheryl Mack have in her nasty closet that made her loyal to R. Kelly for almost 13yrs?
    Sheryl Mack should be charged with exploitation of minors something similar or a more aggravated charges.
    Sheryl Mack never said during the times of R. Kelly’s sexual adventures that she didn’t watch or attempt to stop. She just said it was disgusting. She never said I looked at the wall because I couldn’t watch these minors be sexually violated. So that means she watched probably with some type of arousal. Sheryl Mack
    should also have to register as a sex offender for all the times she participated in watching R. Kelly perform sexual acts with minors. As a manager the clients should file a criminal complaint because she knowingly signed on as their manager then she introduced them to R. Kelly knowing their work and talent would be exploited and they would not receive appropriate compensation for their contributions to various projects. Sheryl Mack used the title of manager to actively recruit minors for R. Kelly. State and Federal prosecutors should actively pursue an array of charges including indicting first on well defined
    Federal sex trafficking.

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