[Video] Usher says “F*ck Herpes!” I’m Focused on My Music!

  The R&B Legend Usher seems to be clearly un-bothered over recent Herpes scandal!  Last week, court documents leaked online alleging the singer had, with knowledge, infected Mya Fox- Davis with the Herpes virus. It was also discovered that Usher had settled in court with… Continue Reading

[Video] Charlamagne Tha God’s Show “The Breakfast Club” is Facing BOYCOTTS For Laughing at “Killing Transgender Joke”

Charlamagne tha God protested by Transgender Community after an interview with Comedian Lil Duval, on The Breakfast Club! Watch! This protest came just days after Comedian Lil Duval said on The Breakfast Club that he would “kill” a sexual partner if he learned she was transgender… Continue Reading

[Video] Amber Rose Clarifies Her Remark About There Being No ‘Traditional Beauty’ in Philly and Says it Was About Herself & Not Other Girls!

Amber Rose Clarifies Comment On Philly Girls Not Being ‘Traditionally Attractive’ People are accusing the model of insinuating that light skin is more attractive. See Previous Post…, I Meant to Say ‘I Thought I Was Ugly’ Watch! By the way, Amber Rose Is Currently Totally… Continue Reading

[New Video] Singer Bobby Valentino is HURT by Transgender Escort who Exposed Him for Non-Payment

Bobby V. was allegedly CAUGHT leaving a transgender apartment in Atlanta after failing to pay for the services.  Bobby Valentino is EXTREMELY hurt & embarrassed after this video exposed him on social media.  Watch!    

(Video) The Transgender Escort Who Filmed Bobby Valentino Says She Did it Because He Refused to Pay Her For Services

Singer Bobby Valentino was caught on video running from a Transgender Escorts apartment. See Previous Post Bobby Valentino Caught with Transgender Escort Now the Tranny who outed Bobby Valentino has decided to get a couple of things off her chest! Watch! The transgender who busted Bobby… Continue Reading

[Video] New York Woman Tells Her Friend on the D Train “I’m PREGNANT by your HUSBAND!”

A woman in New York decided to inform her friend, that she was pregnant by the friend’s HUSBAND on a train packed full of passengers.  Grab your WINE because, it was all caught on camera! Watch how the train passengers defend the friend who’s husband got her… Continue Reading

[Video] *UpDate* Watch Bobby Valentino RESPOND AGAIN to Being Caught Allegedly Pants Down with Transgender Escort!

R&B Singer Bobby Valentino was ALLEGEDLY filmed pants down, running from a Transgender Escorts apartment leaving his keys & shoes! Click See Previous Post to WATCH! Bobby Valentino Allegedly on camera with Transgender Escort! Now WATCH! Bobby Valentino RESPOND AGAIN to Being Caught Allegedly Pants… Continue Reading

[Video] WTF! Bobby Valentino allegedly CAUGHT Leaving Transgender Escort Apartment!

R&B Singer Bobby Valentino was allegedly CAUGHT leaving a transgender escort’s apartment in Atlanta and refused to pay for the services he received. The escort was not playing about her money  and decided to film Bobby Valentino running from the apartment. Swipe & Watch on… Continue Reading

[Video] This is What Amber Rose REALLY Meant By Philly People Being “Traditionally Unattractive”

Amber Rose appeared on the Drink Champs podcast and discussed everything from ex Kanye West to her upbringing in South Philly. At one point during the interview, Amber Rose mentioned that people from South Philly ‘Weren’t Traditionally Attractive’ and the internet completely OVERREACTED!    

[New Video] Woman Does On- Camera Interview and Talks About The Time She Stuck Her Finger in R. Kelly’s Booty!

[Full Interview] Watch this woman speak on camera about the time she worked at the mall & stuck her finger in R. Kelly’s booty!  She is the first woman to ever Speak Out Publicly About R.Kelly’s Odd Behavior! Your browser does not support iframes. Fameolous… Continue Reading